Insider Spotlight

Insider Spotlight: Making Lawmaking a Family Business

By Lauren Horsch, [email protected] RALEIGH — Before anyone can stop in to see Rep. David Lewis, the state House’s influential Rules Committee chairman, they’ve got to visit with “Gramma” first. Gramma is Grace Rogers, his legislative assistant, who does everything from keeping the office fridge stocked with homemade sweet tea to helping folks back home navigate Social Security claims. “There is…

Insider Spotlight: The Snapchatting Governor

By Lauren Horsch | RALEIGH — If you want to take a peek at what running the state of North Carolina is like, Gov. Roy Cooper is giving you a glimpse on Snapchat. His recent postings on the social media service include a photo of the Democratic governor on his way to Robeson County for conversations with hurricane victims,…

Insider Spotlight: A Judge Comes Off the Bench

By Lauren Horsch | RALEIGH — A day after the polls closed in November, newly-elected Rep. Joe John received a tweet with a simple message: “please heal our state.” That tweet — which didn’t receive any likes or retweets — still sticks with him. Months into his freshman term as the District 40 representative, John can still reference it….