Rob Christensen: The Wrong Way to Reform the Courts

This is the story of how two North Carolina legislatures approached court reform — one with prudent professionalism and the other with seat-of-the-pants politics. This is the 50th anniversary of a major overhaul of North Carolina’s court system, essentially creating the modern system of District Courts, Superior Courts and the N.C. Court of Appeals, all run by the newly created…

Mark Binker: Schoolyard Brawl Over Calendar Law Returns to Raleigh

RALEIGH — If you want to pick a fight at the General Assembly in no time flat, just say two little words: school calendar. Debates over a pair of recently vetted House bills that would send students back to their books by mid-August brought back memories of some of the most raucous legislative fights we scruffy media types can recall….

Rob Christensen: Turning Potholes Into Hot-Button Issues

During the middle of the last century, there was a reform effort in North Carolina to depoliticize municipal government, removing power from the old ward bosses and making city government more businesslike. That is when most cities instituted the council-manager form of government in an effort to place the day-to-day running of City Hall in the hands of trained professionals….

Mark Binker: Confirmation Conflict No Showstopper So Far

RALEIGH — It was supposed to be the best show in Raleigh without a cover charge or two-drink minimum. For the first time in North Carolina’s history, lawmakers would summon the folks a governor appointed to run his cabinet departments and pass judgment on whether they were fit to steer the ship of state. Of course, Gov. Roy Cooper noticed…

Mark Binker: HB2 Leaves Scars Behind Even After Repeal

  RALEIGH — A fine little line lurks just under one of the eyes that stares out at me from the bathroom mirror each morning. It marks where a plastic surgeon did a pretty good job of patching up a pretty bad error in judgment. After putting in more than four decades on this planet as a red-blooded, hold-my-beer-and-watch-this American…